Bike share is a great vehicle for promoting your brand/business to millions of active consumers. You’ll be helping to support a healthy lifestyle, improve air quality, reduce traffic and congestion, and champion sustainable transportation for the Tampa/St. Pete community. Reach residents and visitors where they live, work and play.

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Title Sponsor

The Title Sponsor for the Coast bike share program gains a high visibility opportunity to forge a dynamic brand presence while having a meaningful effect on the daily life of the Tampa/St. Pete community.


  • System naming rights
  • Bicycle/hardware branding
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Free memberships
  • Inclusion in print, digital, social, and promotional outreach programs

Host A Station

Host a bike share station on your property, an amazing amenity for employees/tenants that also drives casual traffic to your location. Every bike share trip stimulates the local economy, producing $7 in retail activity!


  • Station branding opportunities
  • Promotion of your location in marketing materials
  • Discounted memberships
  • First option to lease advertising assets at your location

Corporate Memberships

Built for ultimate convenience and flexibility, a bike break turns lunch hours into thrill rides and commutes into sun-soaked adventures. Healthy workers are more productive and engaged, a boost your bottom line.


  • Augments existing public transit
  • Provides a healthy alternative to driving
  • Alleviates parking issues
  • People who cycle for 30 minutes a day take half as many sick days
  • A great perk for employees

Why Sponsor Bike Share?


Enhance your property value and position yourself as a “green” landlord/ business


Drive traffic to your building (66% of riders spend money at their destination)


An attractive amenity for both commuters and customers


Promote wellness: 3 hours of biking/week reduces the risk of heart disease by 50%


Improve air quality: .82 fewer lbs of CO2 enters the atmosphere with every mile pedaled


Reduce congestion: 40% of riders report driving less due to the availability of bike share


Bike share advertising is a highly effective way to reach active audiences, both locals and visitors. Heck, every bicycle is shared by 1,000 people/year, an amazing way to gain exposure!

Advertising Media

  • Large format ad panels at stations
  • Bike baskets and fenders
  • Bike docks
  • Print and membership materials
  • Website advertising
  • Mobile app advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Digital bike panel advertising

Companies Sponsoring Bike Share