Introducing YOUR #SHINEBike Designs!

In partnership with the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, we asked you, the community, to bring new artwork to our St. Petersburg fleet by designing mural-inspired bike baskets. We’re very excited to unveil the five winning designs and introduce you to the artists! For a limited time throughout the SHINE Mural Festival (October 6 – 14) find the bikes, ride ‘em, and share your photos on Twitter and Instagram @CoastBikes with the hashtag #SHINEbike.

Artist: Aurailieus

Instagram: @Aurailieus_Artist

Can you tell us a little about yourself as an artist?

I have been an artist in St. Pete exhibiting work in art shows as early as 2006. I’m a founder of the weekly Wednesday night art meetup and one of the founders of the St. Pete Robot Exchange, an annual show celebrating all things rebotica, with zulupainter and Jason Bromley. That show will take place at the Morean Center for Art next year (9.18) – look out for it!

What inspired your bike basket artwork?

Bob the Robot Prince of Denmark was a major inspiration for the bike basket. He is a pretty cool little yellow robot trying to learn the ways of the world. If you look closely enough you can see him painted on buildings throughout Downtown St. Pete.

Thanks, Aurailieus!

Artist: Sarah Martin of Outspoken Rhino

Instagram: @OutspokenRhino

Can you tell us a little about yourself as an artist?

Midwest, sarcastic, witty, and a little bit nostalgic. I’m outspoken and my personality tends to charge into a room like a rhino. I’ve been working on my latest series, “Throwin’ Shade”, since 2014. What started out as three paintings for above my couch quickly spiraled into what some might call an obsession. I’ve recently expanded from paintings to stickers, can coolers, pet portraits and even have a few murals under my belt including Dissent Craft Brewing Company.

What inspired your bike basket artwork?

Murals are the reason I moved to St Pete three years ago after a quick weekend visit and seeing all the murals downtown. I feel like the octopus holding many spray cans is representative of all the murals popping up – you can see them everywhere you turn.  

Thanks, Sarah!

Artist: Ashley Morra Simota

Instagram: @RighteousReflections

Can you tell us a little about yourself as an artist?

I am a Chicago born artist, drawn to St. Pete because of its vibrancy and proximity to the sea. I am inspired by the magic and mystery of the ocean world. I strive to represent our connection with the natural world and all living things through my artwork.

What inspired your bike basket artwork?

Sea turtles are calm, beautiful and graceful but ignite a strong emotional response in most people. They glide effortlessly through water as if they are flying through space. Overall the ocean world is as mysterious as space, which is why I find it so intriguing.

Thanks, Ashley!

Artist: Nuclear Sky

Instagram: @NuclearSky77

Can you tell us a little about yourself as an artist?

I’m a muralist, painter, and illustrator from the Tampa Bay area. I’ve traveled to several cities, but one fateful trip to New York City made me fall in love with street art and its ability to bring life into otherwise under-served areas. After working several years in the software field, I decided to explore my creative path, and thus, Nuclear Sky Art was born. ‘ve been able to inspire, spark curiosity, and even help a community heal. I look forward to serving more neighbourhoods and reaching out to communities in a way that only creative expression can.

What inspired your bike basket artwork?

The many different nature-inspired murals in the Tampa Bay area, plus my own flower preferences and love of cool colour palettes.

Thanks, Nuclear Sky!

Artist: Robert Dennard III

Instagram: @AcutePerception

Can you tell us a little about yourself as an artist?

I am a 24-year-old interdisciplinary artist specializing in the mediums of photography, filmmaking, and graphic design. I live and work in St. Pete. My work can be seen at

What inspired your bike basket artwork?

My design for the bike baskets is an extension of my abstract digital photography. Usually, my images in that style include streams of color on a black background. For the bike baskets, I wanted to design something bright and electrifying that would catch the eye while it’s riding around on the streets of St. Pete, day or night.

Thanks, Robert!

Want to get in one the SHINE bike fun? Join our official SHINE Mural Festival bike tours on October 6 and 13. Limited tickets available from tour partner Florida CraftArt. You can check the event out on Facebook, too.

Photos courtesy of Brian Vandervliet of