Passes & Billing

How much is a Share-A-Bull Bikes Membership?

Register with a .edu email address to receive student rates.

Student Annual: $59 per year.

Student Monthly: $7 per month.

Pay As You Go: $0.13 per minute.

Pay As You Go memberships are automatically pre-loaded with one hour of ride time. After you’ve used your hour, your account will be billed $8 per hour, prorated by the minute ($0.13).

Annual and Monthly memberships come with 60 minutes of ride time included every day. After you’ve used your hour, your account will be billed $8 per hour, prorated by the minute ($0.13). Daily ride time resets at midnight and does not rollover.

As well as 100 Share-A-Bull BIkes, each account will also unlock 600+ Coast Bike Share bikes in Downtown Tampa and Downtown St. Pete, for all of your off-campus adventures.

Are there any additional charges?

You can lock up at any bike rack on the USF Tampa campus. If a bike is locked elsewhere on campus, there will be a $3 “out of hub” charge. If you lock up outside the system area (somewhere off-campus), there will be a $25 charge.

Will my membership automatically renew?

Annual and Monthly memberships will renew automatically. You can opt out of automatic renewal following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select “Account”
  3. Select “Memberships”
  4. Select the edit button next to “Auto Renewal”
  5. Toggle option ON or OFF

If the option is toggled off then your subscription will expire at the end of your subscription date and will not be renewed.

Do I have to use my hour all at once?

Not at all! Your 60 minutes of daily ride time can be used throughout the day. For example, ride from your dorm to class in the morning (7 minutes). Cruise from class to lunch (4 minutes). Hit up the library after you’ve eaten (5 minutes). Roll to Campus Recreation for a workout at the end of the day (12 minutes). We’ll add your minutes up throughout the day and send you an email notification as soon as your hour is exceeded.

How does the Pay As You Go plan work?

Pay As You Go is a great option for friends and family visiting campus, or someone looking to try the system out. Once you sign up for this plan, you’ll be charged $8.00, which will give you 60 minutes of cumulative time. This doesn’t have to be used in one day and can be spread out over weeks or months.

More frequent riders are encouraged to make use of the Student Monthly ($7 per month) or Student Annual ($59 per year), which comes with 60 minutes of ride time every day.

How do I purchase a membership?

You can sign up for an account via the Share-A-Bull BIkes website, or download the Social Bicycles app on IOS or Android. Whichever you prefer, we recommend all members download and use the app, which shows where your nearest bikes and bike racks are. It also allows you to track and share your rides, alongside some other pretty great features.

Can I check out more than one bike at a time?

Monthly Student and Annual Student memberships only apply to the person registered and can only check out one bike at a time.

Visiting campus? The Pay as You Go plan can check out up to four bikes at a time. Each additional bike will be charged at the hourly rate. To check out an additional bike, simply enter your account number and PIN on another bike and accept the waiver that you see on the screen. This will release the lock.

Bikes & Stations

Tell me about the bikes.

Our smart bikes from Social Bicycles (SoBi) have brains! This sets them apart from other bike share systems. On the back of the bike is a GPS-enabled, solar-powered panel with an on-board lock.

With this panel, you can check out the bike, unlock and lock it, put it on hold and report a problem. It will even let you know how many miles you rode and how many calories you burned when you log into your Social Bicycles account.

One of our favorite features on the bikes is the chainless shaft drive. You won’t have to worry about your pants getting caught or getting greasy! They also have nifty extras like three speeds, an adjustable seat post, front and rear lights that illuminate automatically, a large, full-sized basket, puncture resistant tires and a bell (just above the left hand grip – give it a ring!).

Where can I find bikes and lock up?

You’ll see Share-A-Bull Bikes all over campus. If there isn’t one within scanning distance, open the Social Bicycles app to find out where you can retrieve a bike near you. The app will also show you the location of every bike rack on campus – you can lock up at any of them!


How do I ride?

Approach the back of any bike and punch in your account number and pin. (You’ll find this information in the top corner of the Social Bicycles app, or in your confirmation email.)

Remove the yellow u-lock and place it in the two vertical cylinders on the back left of the bike to store it safely while you ride.

Your rental time begins when you remove the lock and ends once you return and lock the bike to a rack.

Can I put a bike on hold if I want to make a stop?

Sure! If you’re running into Starbucks to get coffee on your way to class and want the bike to be waiting for you outside, simply press the HOLD button on the keypad. This will make it unavailable for other users to rent. Insert the u-lock, run your errand, enter your pin and holster the lock when you return, and you’re off riding again.

Using the HOLD feature counts against your ride time, so it’s mostly used for quick stops.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are not required to ride bike share, but we do recommend them!

Visit one of our Partner Bike Shops for discounts on helmet purchases across the bay! Your welcome email will also include a code for 30% off Bern Helmets.

The bike is not working. What do I do now?

If you encounter a mechanical problem, press the REPAIR button on the keypad before locking the bike and checking out another available bike. If you need further assistance or are having trouble locking the bike, please contact customer service at 813-616-1212.

How do I lock the bike?

Remove the yellow u-lock from the holster and position it so the bike is secured to the rack before inserting into the designated holes on the side of the back panel of the bike.

Check the keypad to make sure the light indicates the bike is locked and give it a gentle tug to make sure it’s secure. If the bike is not registering as locked and you have adjusted the u-lock multiple times, please contact customer service at 813-616-1212.

Be sure to always lock your bike at a USF bike rack. There will be a $3 convenience fee for locking elsewhere on campus and a $25 fee for locking the bike outside the system area.