USA TODAY names St. Pete one of “Five underrated food cities on the East Coast”

USA TODAY named St. Pete one of “Five underrated food cities on the East Coast” yesterday.

While locals have been privy to the gastronomic secret that is St. Pete for some time, the national publication said: “Everyone knows New York and Miami are great food cities. But what about the unsung heroes in cities like St. Petersburg, FL, making incredible food every day, with less national recognition? Now’s the time to add these under-the-radar cities to your East Coast travel plans, before everyone else catches on.”

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to make extensive travel plans to experience USA TODAY’s St. Pete highlights; there are Coast hubs near all of them.

Congratulations to “fresh and inventive” Sea Salt, the “ambitious” Z-Grille, the “intimate, independent” Brick & Mortar and other local favorites Red Mesa Cantina, Il Ritorno, Locale Market, Iberian Rooster and Ted Peters Smoked Fish for making USA TODAY’s list.

Why not check our system map to find each restaurant’s nearest bike share station, and plan your own urban restaurant tour on two wheels this weekend?

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