What Is This Bike Share Thing Anyways?

Imagine you’re sitting at your office and you really want a good cup of coffee to not only give you an excuse to take a short break but to help you power through the rest of the day. Well, that’s probably not that hard to imagine considering the flavorless sludge sitting in the three-hour old coffee pot in the mini-kitchen down the hall. What can you do about it, though? It’s the only coffee within reach and Kahwa is just too far away to justify the trip. This, my friend, is where bike share comes in.

“How is a bike going to solve my coffee problem,” you ask? Easy! But let’s first examine your current situation. You probably drove to work this morning and your car is nestled in a tiny parking space in some dark, dimly lit corner of a parking garage in the belly of your building. Just getting it out to daylight and back is a feat in itself, no less for a trip that is just too close to consider driving. Walking the eight blocks will clearly take far too long to justify the cup and cut into too much of your work day. You’re in luck! There’s a slew of bikes just outside the door of your building screaming your name. This is bike share!

Before you even leave your desk you hop on the app and reserve a bike just down stairs. Bursting through the elevator doors, there is, after all, a delicious cup of joe at the end of this journey, and you can already see the flashing lights of your bike waiting for you to saddle up. You punch in your pin code on the computer on the bike and you’re off!

Coasting down the bike lane, you’re flying past pedestrians and cars stuck in gridlock. To make matters better, you’ve gotten green lights the whole way. In mere minutes you’ve arrived and you can already taste the coffee from the smell radiating from the cafe. You’re just jumping in for a minute, so you find a bike rack nearby, press the “hold” button while locking it up. Effortless, quick, and with a prize at the end of the rainbow. Not only have you defeated the dreaded office coffee pot, but you’ve also gotten outside for a bit on this beautiful day and got the blood flowing just enough to give you a bit more energy.

Coffee in hand you unlock the bike, cruise back to the office, lock the bike at the hub outside and you’re back to your desk in less than 15 minutes, refreshed, rejuvenated, and caffeinated. Now you ask…”I wonder if the team want’s to go across town to Casita for lunch…it’s been awhile since we’ve been.”

With hundreds of bikes all over town, now you can avoid the morning traffic snarl, turn your lunch hour into a thrill ride or just make getting around exciting again, it connects you to everything you love. This is bike share!