Tampa’s First Street Mural Completed

Friends and neighbors congregated in Seminole Heights on Saturday to complete Tampa’s first street mural.

The community received approval from the City of Tampa to paint the intersection of North River Boulevard and West Louisiana Avenue in 2016, in the hope it would act as a traffic calming measure as well as creating a unique sense of place.

Following an open call to local artists, Catherine Thomas’s Mandala composition was selected as the final design.

Thomas said: “This mandala intersection mural was designed to represent the beauty and vibrancy of the Seminole Heights community. Mandalas in and of themselves represent balance, unity and togetherness, and are often used as meditative tools. They also are significant of journeys and rituals, because when they are created, the creators move through a beginning, middle and end; hopefully learning something along the way.”

She continued: “Since this is a community project, I felt as though a mandala would be a great symbol of bringing the community together to create something beautiful that everyone will be able to enjoy, while also learning something along the way.”

Seminole Heights residents not only assisted in painting the final design; the community came together for set up, fabrication of the stencil, prepping paint colors, and clean up.