bike share

What Is This Bike Share Thing Anyways?

Imagine you’re sitting at your office and you really want a good cup of coffee to not only give you an excuse to take a short break but to help you power through the rest of the day. Well, that’s probably not that hard to imagine considering the flavorless sludge sitting in the three-hour old • Read More »

Bicycling Magazine Announces Tampa as One of the 50 Best Bike Cities of 2016

Every two years the folks over at Bicycling Magazine get together to determine the best places to ride in the US. This year, Tampa gets the honor! Their ranking examines everything from census data to expert analysis from the League of American Bicyclists. Locally, Bicycling looks at everything from bike-friendly businesses, to the number of • Read More »

History of Bike Share

12 am, Sunday, May 1965 Location: Amsterdam A strangely attired man began his weekly fussings, dancing in a cloud of his own cigarette smoke, around a bronzed, pedestaled statue, entitled Het Lieverdje (“The Little Darling”). This man, artist Robert Jasper Grootveld, had his anger sparked by this statue paid for by a tobacco company. Weeks • Read More »

Coast Bike Share Benefits

“That a solar panel…on a bike?” “Is that a lock?…it looks just like my regular bike lock!” “Electric? Cool!” [the bikes aren’t electric] “What are all those numbers for on the back of the bike?” These are just some of the questions and reactions we get on daily basis from people who are seeing the • Read More »