St. Petersburg’s Coast Bike Share Opens 100 Bike, 10 Hub System

St. Petersburg, FL (November 1, 2016) The City of St. Petersburg’s Coast Bike Share program open the system’s soft launch today, November 1. The soft launch system will include 100 demo bicycles and 10 hubs along the waterfront and Central Avenue corridor.

The 10 hub locations are as follows:

  • Bay Shore Dr. & 5th Ave N.
  • 2nd Ave NE at the Cross Bay Ferry Terminal
  • 1st Street & 1st Ave S.
  • 1st Street & 5th Ave S.
  • 2nd Street & 1st Ave N.
  • 1st Ave S. & 3rd Street
  • 1st Ave S. & 8th Street
  • 11th Street N. & Central Ave
  • Central Ave & 21st Street
  • 2nd Street & 6th Ave S.

The demo system, with 100 green bikes, is part of Coast’s corporate fleet made available to coincide with the launch of the Cross Bay Ferry. With a single membership, Coast bikes will be available on both ends of your ferry journey. Shortly after the New Year, 300 blue, city-owned Coast Bikes will be launched across more than 30 stations in downtown and the immediately surrounding neighborhoods. The additional locations will be made available following completion of the ongoing permitting process.

Coast has also relaunched its website,, parallel to the St. Petersburg roll out. There, you can follow the progress, sign up to ride and view hub locations. As of today, St. Petersburg residents are able to register for Founding Memberships, a yearly pass including Coast Swag and 90 minutes of daily ride time, 30 minutes more than the traditional annual membership. Founding memberships cost $99, which breaks down to just 27 cents a day, and are available through the end of the year.

Other membership options include the Annual Memberships with 60 minutes of daily ride time at $79, Monthly memberships at $15 and $20 including 60 and 90 minutes of ride time per day, as well as a Pay As You Go option billed at $8 an hour for visitors. As bike share is designed to function as transportation, ride time can be broken up however a user sees fit throughout their day. This could be 5 minutes in the morning to a coffee shop, 20 minutes to commute, 10 minutes to lunch, and you’d still have 25 minutes left to explore the city.

St. Petersburg aims to increase urban connectivity within the City by making bicycles readily available for trips that are too long for walking and too short for driving – or to just speed up a trip that would have been by walking. The program will build on the CityTrails Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan that has added more than 110 miles of bicycle facilities Citywide, and precedes the forthcoming City’s Complete Streets Plan that will continue the development of infrastructure. Bike share will improve the quality of life for downtown and surrounding neighborhoods by stimulating economic development, improving residents health and providing a form of active transportation – building on the City’s Healthy St. Pete Initiative.


Coast Bike Share is Tampa Bay’s official bike share program providing 600 bikes located at 60 hubs split between downtown Tampa and downtown St. Petersburg. Coast bicycles offer flexibility for one-way bike rides to get around town in a fun, healthy and environmentally-friendly way. The program is managed by Cyclehop, LLC a bike share consulting and operations company with 20 years of experience in the cycling industry. With hundreds of bikes around town, it’s transit at your speed, a healthy, fun, and affordable way to breeze around the bay.

To find out more information or to join, please visit our recently relaunched,


For additional information, please contact:
Eric Trull, Program Director