St. Pete will be Coasting in No Time! Preview the Hub Locations

The time has come! We’ll begin hub installations this Thursday, October 27th, in the City of St. Petersburg ahead of the system’s soft launch. The soft launch system will include 100 demo bicycles and 10 hubs along the waterfront and Central Avenue corridor.

The 10 hub locations are as follows:

  • Bay Shore Dr. & 5th Ave N.
  • 2nd Ave NE at the Cross Bay Ferry Terminal within the Beach Drive Parking Lot
  • 1st Street & 1st Ave S.
  • 1st Street & 5th Ave S.
  • 2nd Street & 1st Ave N.
  • 1st Ave S. & 3rd Street
  • 1st Ave S. & 8th Street
  • 11th Street N. & Central Ave
  • Central Ave & 21st Street
  • 2nd Street & 6th Ave S.

The demo system will open mid-day on November 1, with 100 green bikes, part of our corporate fleet made available to coincide with the launch of the Cross Bay Ferry. With a single membership, Coast bikes will be available on both ends of your ferry journey.  Shortly after the New Year, 300 blue, city-owned Coast Bikes will be launched across more than 30 stations in downtown and the immediately surrounding neighborhoods. Stay tuned for updates on these additional hubs!

As of today, St. Petersburg residents are able to register for Founding Memberships, a yearly pass including Coast Swag and 90 minutes of daily ride time, 30 minutes more than the traditional annual membership. Founding memberships cost $99, which breaks down to just 27 cents a day, and are available through the end of the year. Registering now will ensure you’re good to go, and we’ll activate it for you on launch day.

We’ll be presenting and fielding questions at the Shift St. Pete General Meeting on Tuesday, October 25, at 5:30 PM at The Bikery. The Bikery is located at 2222 1st Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33712. Come out to check out this rad shop, grab a cup of joe from their cafe, and learn more about Coast in St. Pete!