RECAP: St. Pete Open Streets

St. Pete, you sure know how to roll out the red carpet! There was no better way to debut the new Coast Bikes in the burg than a mile and a quarter long street party/cyclovia/open streets event. Thanks to the hard work of the St. Pete Bike Coop, Shift St. Pete, Keep St. Pete Local, the City of St. Petersburg, and FDOT, we were thrilled to be able to join in on the fun alongside dozens of organizations and an estimated 6,000 attendees!

Coast's Slow Ride Contest

The start of a Coast Slow Ride contest

Throughout the day we met tons of you who were thrilled to see us beginning our roll out. Perhaps even more exciting was meeting those of you who were just learning about Coast and bike share for the first time.

As we’re still a few week away from our launch, and everyone was clamoring to ride, we decided to host our Coast Race yet again. The idea: pedal as hard as you can for fifteen or so feet and then coast your way to victory. The last person to touch the ground wins! A true test of balance traveling at ridiculously slow speeds brought a bit of competition, but mostly lots of laughs. 🙂

If Sunday was any indication, we’re set to have quite a bit of fun here in the Burg. We can’t wait to take it to the streets for real! For now, back to the shop. We’ll see you in a few weeks!