Partner business spotlight: Exclusive Coast member discount at Bandit Coffee Co in St. Pete

Bike share isn’t only about getting from A to B (though it’s a pretty convenient and fun way to travel). It’s a means to explore new parts of town, too.

Our new member benefits are a great incentive to do that. Simply produce the app showing your ride route to a participating business close to one of our stations and you’ll receive a discount on your purchase or, in some cases, a free gift.

Ride out to explore Grand Central, for example, and stop for coffee at Bandit Coffee Co to receive 10% off your check.

Sporting a minimalist black-and-white color scheme and using a multi-roaster system to highlight java from around the world, including Tampa Bay, Bandit offers locals a place to linger and really enjoy the main star of the show: the coffee. (Though we wouldn’t say no to any of the baked goods.)

Be sure to snap a picture for Twitter or Instagram when you visit and tag us @CoastBikes with #MyCoastAdventure. You can follow Bandit on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Stay tuned for more Coast member deals.