No time for the gym? 4 health benefits of running errands by bike every day

No time for the gym? You might want to work out, but squeezing an hour in between commutes, social engagements, and day-to-day errands can seem impossible. Especially when the weather’s so beautiful, you’re longing to spend every available moment of free-time outside.

So why not turn those unavoidable time commitments into your workout?

A $15 monthly Coast membership gives you 60 minutes of daily ride time every day. Use any of the 600+ shareable bikes to commute, travel to and from meetings with friends, grocery shop and more. It’s easy, affordable and so fun you won’t even think of it as working out.

Plus, the health benefits are plentiful.

  1. Steady weight loss

On average, a 180lb cyclist riding at a moderate effort will burn approximately 650 calories per hour. That’s 4,550 calories per week, which equates to a little over a pound of fat. Even better, studies show that your lipoprotein lipase – fat-burning enzyme – levels remain elevated for 30 hours after completing your ride, as your body ramps up to replenish and repair your muscles.

  1. Better heart health

The British Medical Association says that cycling 20 miles a week – under three miles a day – can cut your risk of coronary heart disease in half.

  1. A healthier brain

Cycling raises your heart rate, increasing the production of chemicals which promote stem cell division and new brain cell formation. Yes, that means cycling can technically make your brain bigger.

  1. A happier disposition

Have you ever seen a grumpy cyclist? Just 10 minutes of cycling can boost feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, so imagine what a full hour will do for your mood.

Ready to get your 60 minutes a day in? You can sign up for a $15 monthly Coast membership here.