Meet the Coast member: Sarah

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a 20-something speech language therapist who lives in Hyde Park. I think Tampa is great place to live, visit, and soak up all the city has to offer! When I’m not working (or biking/working out), I love to try new restaurants, cheer on the Florida Gators, spend time with friends, give back to the community, and  hop local boutiques.

How long have you lived in Tampa?

I grew up in Tampa for 15 years, then recently came back two years ago after graduating from the University of Florida. After graduation, I had to come back! What more could you want, water, great people, and tons of places to visit?

How do you integrate Coast into your daily routine?

I use Coast strictly for leisure and exercise! My daily commute is a total of two hours so I look forward to running by the water and down the Riverwalk and biking the way back to where I live in Hyde Park. It’s my chance to unwind, clear my head, and get to some fresh air!

What’s your favorite place to ride?

I start in Hyde Park or Curtis Hixon. I’ll either run then bike or bike then run. From there, I will bike down Bayshore just to take in the water and the views! I love biking down by Riverwalk by Sail Pavilion, Amalie Arena, or Water Works Park. No matter where, biking downtown is a MUST!

What would you tell someone thinking about joining Coast Bike Share?

For me, it’s nice and convenient to have a bike without having to store it or keep up with it’s maintenance. Just get and go! Also, storing is hard in my small townhome which makes joining Coast Bike Share so easy! But besides the practical reasons, Coast Bike Share is extremely helpful and takes care of any comment or concern without hesitation! They are the BEST!

Thanks, Sarah!