3 Planning Tips To Boost Your Ride Time

You know working out is something you need to do for your health. Even so, getting ready for the gym, traveling to the gym, spending an hour exercising – it’s all a massive time suck.

Cycling is different. You can sneak it into your day in any number of ways. Something as simple as cycling to work is just as effective for losing weight as exercising at a gym five days a week, according to a new study from the University of Copenhagen.

As easy and low-pressure as a daily bike ride is, there’s still a big difference between setting goals and achieving goals.

To do the latter, you need a plan. Research shows that if you clearly schedule your workouts, you’ll experience better long-term success with your fitness goals, especially if you’re new to the world of daily exercise. Here’s how to plan your way to cycling success.

  1. When you’ll ride: Start with the first week. Block out the time you’re going to ride on Google Calendar – or something similar – exactly as you would for a meeting, a dinner with friends, or a doctor’s appointment. This is your time.
  2. Where you’ll ride: Have a clear idea of when you’ll leave, where you’ll start and end your ride, and the time you plan to arrive at your final destination. Even if it’s a quick trip to the local deli for a sandwich at lunch, knowing the route will make your journey quick and seamless. You can check our map of stations in Tampa and St. Pete when planning, too.
  3. Share: Share your cycling goals with your friends, family and coworkers. Their support when you want to leave for work a little earlier, cruise out for coffee mid-afternoon, or bike for dessert after dinner will make things even easier.


  • Schedule a week of rides. Experiment. And remember to keep your expectations realistic.

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