How It Works

Easy to use (and super-fun) transportation.

Coast is designed for short trips around town, typically between one and three miles. Checking out and returning bikes is a snap, so leave your car at home and use Coast as a last mile connector between transit and your destination. With 300+ bikes at 30+ stations in and around the city, Coast is always a convenient and healthy way to explore Tampa and St. Pete!



Find and reserve a bike using:



  • Casual Users: enter your account number and PIN on bike keypad
  • Coast Members: Simply tap your card on bike keypad, then enter PIN


  • Place the U-lock in the holster on rear of bike
  • When making a stop, press “Hold” to reserve your bike, then lock the bike
  • Enter PIN to continue riding


  • Lock your bike and look for a “Thank You” message on the display
  • If you hear multiple “beeps”, the lock is not engaged ― pull it out and try again

Simple, on demand, two-wheeled transportation

Keep the car parked, use Coast as a last mile connector when using transit, or hop on for all of your trips!

The Coast with the Most!