Excuse Busters – 3 Common Cycling Excuses Busted

Even with the best of intentions to cycle more – you know the benefits and have set clear goals – you may still run into obstacles.

These excuse busters will arm you with ready-to-go solutions for a few common hurdles.

Excuse: It’s too cold

It’s a cold morning and you’re tucked up in a nice warm bed. You had planned to commute to work by bike, but the lure of a car with heating is great.

Bust it: Prepare a cold-weather kit

When our bodies are cold, their natural response is to move. According to a University of Utah study, your body’s basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn doing nothing) slightly increases in the cold, which means you burn even more calories when working out. Cycling in winter boosts your disposition, too. The combination of shorter daylight hours and darker days in winter can cause seasonal mood disorders. Exercise-induced endorphins are a natural combatant of depression. Have your cold-weather clothing kit prepared and ready to go for winter mornings. Layer up – you can remove layers as your body temperature rises – and remember gloves and a scarf for areas which commonly leak heat.

Excuse: It’s too hot

Rising temperatures in the summer months can easily derail your cycling plans.

Bust it: Prepare a warm-weather kit

Our bodies have built-in cooling systems, but small, ready-to-go extras will make your mid-summer bike ride a breeze. Aim for early morning or evening rides when temperatures are lower. Hydrate before you leave, and take a frozen bottle of water with you for the journey. Always wear sunscreen and choose light, thin, full-coverage clothing. It’s also important to go easy on yourself. Don’t try to maintain the pace or speed you’re used to on milder days. Summer days are for leisurely bike rides, so block off a few extra minutes.

Excuse: I just really, really don’t feel like it

Life can be busy and exhausting. Motivational dips happen once in a while we’ve all been there.

Bust it: Switch it up

If your daily cycle commute to work suddenly feels like a chore, change your routine. Join a group ride, cycle to the park for lunch, or roll to happy hour with friends after work. You won’t feel like it’s a workout, but you’ll still be reaping rewards.

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