Coast, The Backstory.

How the name and logo came to be

So at this point you may be familiar with the Coast brand, you may sport one of our shirts or shades, and you may have even ridden on the bike…but what’s the story behind the name and logo you ask? In this post we reveal the backstory of how the name and logo came to be.

To start, we examined what bike share is [link] at its core, a community connector and builder, eliminating invisible boundaries created by inaccessibility, mostly due to trips in the city being too far to walk and to close to drive. Immediately two key points came to mind, the name had to resonate with Tampa Bay and hint at Transportation. The third element of the name had to reflect the fun of riding a bike as, like a jet ski, it’s impossible to frown while riding!

Building on the framework established by those three points our team developed dozens and dozens of options, some good, most bad. Finally, after much debate, a consensus was made and Coast was born. The Coast name is inspired by the tranquil waters of the bay while embracing the natural energy that comes from riding a bike. The coast is what makes Tampa Bay so amazing, from the Riverwalk at the heart of the Tampa, to the world’s longest sidewalk along Bayshore, to the parks of downtown St. Petersburg, and the beaches that line our barrier islands.

With the name chosen, the next challenge presented itself: What does Coast look like? In developing the identity of the brand we wanted to keep the established characteristics, our region, transportation, and fun. What came to be, was a seemingly continuous, free flowing typography based logo. It mimics the redefinition of the city and our ability to navigate it. No longer are we confined to the grid, forced down high speed paths preventing us from taking in the surroundings. We are now free to roam, change directions in a moments notice, and enjoy the serendipitous.

Taking a step back…it was still missing something. An element of fun. A specific tie back to biking. A connection to the way our system operates, the first of it’s kind in the US. The Coast icon that was developed is a play off of the bike’s technology, communicating the entire fleet directly to your smartphone. Each point, a different stop in your travels, some planned, some by chance, and together the negative space hints at the spokes of a wheel. With this, we knew we had our logo.

In short, the logo represents the redefinition of Tampa as a place and the way we navigate it, full of discoveries made along your journey, flowing along any path you choose.

Coast Bike Share. Go with the flow!