Coast Members Reach Major Milestone!

With a little under a week to go until our third birthday celebration on Wednesday, December 6, Coast members have reached a major milestone – 500,000 miles!

While it seems like only yesterday when bike share was a mere glimmer in the eye of our region, in three years, Coast Bike Share has transformed the way Tampa Bay residents and visitors get around. Every ride you’ve taken – whether it’s commuting to work, a quick trip to the grocery store, or cruising to happy hour with friends – has contributed to the program’s success.

Here’s what Coast’s Regional Director, Eric Trull, has to say: “We’re incredibly proud that members have ridden so much in the three years since the program launched. Though the bikes are designed for short trips – a last mile connector for longer trips – all the commutes, errand runs, and leisure rides quickly add up. We’re thrilled that bike share has become an integral part of the transportation system in Tampa Bay’s downtowns.”

You can bet all of the Coast Crew are sending massive high fives your way, too.

Here’s a quick look at what 500,000 miles gets you:

  • A trip to the moon and back.
  • 20 trips around the earth’s circumference.
  • 440,000 lbs of carbon reduced.
  • 20 MILLION calories burned. That’s the equivalent of 73,529 slices of pizza.

If that isn’t something to celebrate with bikes, beer and bbq, we don’t know what is. Join us at 6pm on Wednesday, December 6 for festive treats, a group ride, and an after party so we can celebrate everything we’ve accomplished together!