How to plan a group ride with friends

Bikes and friends go together like peanut butter and jelly. As you’ll probably remember from summer days as a kid, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of propelling yourself around on two wheels with a few of your best pals in tow. Break away from your usual hangout spots; explore new parts of town, and • Read More »

19th century advice for women cyclists

It’s always helpful to seek advice when you’re taking up a new activity. Take cycling, for example. If you’re new to biking, you might have questions. Digging around for guidance can produce all kinds of results – some useful and some … well … some just plain shocking. Trawling through the archives of the New • Read More »

Study: Less than an hour of cycling can help slow the aging process

Think your occasional bike ride isn’t doing much for your health? Researchers have some good news for you. A study published last week in the medical journal Cell Metabolism found that cycling for just 52 minutes per week could help slow the aging process. The researchers studied two groups of people – aged 18-30 and • Read More »

Meet the Coast member: Diane

We love hearing about how and where you Coast. Today we’re joined by Tampa member Diane, who uses bike share during her lunch hour. Tell us a bit about yourself. I work in Downtown Tampa, and really enjoy renting and using the bicycles on my lunch hour. How long have you lived in Tampa? I • Read More »

Bike share 101: Lights, seats and how bike owners use the system

We’re answering your questions in our Bike Share 101 series. Curious about something that hasn’t been mentioned here? Ask away on Twitter or Facebook. What should I use bike share for? With 600 bikes at 60+ stations across Tampa Bay, you can use bike share for one-way or return trips. People use Coast to commute • Read More »

4 ways to make cycling a part of your daily life

You know you’re going to shower pretty much daily, right? You’re going to brush your teeth; forage for food; check your emails – these things are so ingrained in your routine, you barely think about them. When it comes to forming new habits, research tells us that regularity and continuity are key. Schedule a specific • Read More »

Coast’s Florida Bike Month events

It’s officially Florida Bike Month – our favourite kind of month! Between the daily sunshine and just-warm-enough temperatures, there’s no better time to be out and about on two wheels. Yesterday we announced our #CoastChallenge, which will reward the Coast members completing the most trips throughout the month. Think you can take it? Grab a • Read More »

Coast Challenge 2017

To celebrate Florida Bike Month in March, we’re ramping things up here at Coast HQ by setting our members a challenge. Hop on a Coast bike and you could win a host of prizes! Challenge details: The top five riders who take the highest number of trips in March will win one of the below • Read More »