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Meet New People, Try New Things – Local Group Rides To Try

Riding alone makes for great you time, but introducing a group ride to your schedule will not only offer variety, you’ll meet new people, experience different routes, build your cycling skills, and discover new food and beer stops.  Here are three local group bike tours to consider. History Bike Tampa or Coast’s St. Petersburg Preservation • Read More »

Adventure Time – Discover New Places By Bike

There’s something incredibly exciting about exploring a city by bike – even one you’ve lived in your entire life. While midweek cycling might be confined to quick and easy transportation trips – running errands, grocery shopping, and traveling where you need to go – weekends and holidays were made for leisurely, exploratory rides. You get • Read More »

3 Planning Tips To Boost Your Ride Time

You know working out is something you need to do for your health. Even so, getting ready for the gym, traveling to the gym, spending an hour exercising – it’s all a massive time suck. Cycling is different. You can sneak it into your day in any number of ways. Something as simple as cycling • Read More »

5 S.M.A.R.T Rules For Achieving Your Cycling (And Health) Goals

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland. Setting goals is an integral part of participating in sports and fitness. It helps keep you motivated and, according to research, makes you a happier person. If you’re planning • Read More »

7 Benefits Of Riding A Bike Every Day

While riding bikes for the heck of it is fun – and counts as a hobby for most people – any lifestyle change requires motivation. Knowing the benefits of cycling, as well as how much fun you’ll have, pushes you to make it a priority. Here are the rewards you’ll reap when taking a daily • Read More »

Coast Bike Share’s 21-Day #DailyRide Challenge

How would your life change if you added a daily bike ride to your life? Join Coast’s 21-day #DailyRideChallenge throughout January and find out. Get fitter. Feel happier. Save money. Discover new places. Have more fun! With 21 days of tips and inspiration from the Coast Bike Share team and fellow bike share members, we’ll • Read More »

Claim Your Free Month Of Coast Bike Share Membership For January

Your workout doesn’t have to begin and end at the gym. With 700+ bikes at 80+ bike share stations across Tampa and St. Pete, use your free month of Coast to commute to work, run errands, visit friends, and adventure around Tampa Bay – all while burning calories and increasing muscle mass. It’s so much fun, • Read More »