Bike To The Movies This Halloween – Tampa Theatre Announces Nightmare On Franklin Street Series

Tampa Theatre has announced its lineup for the fifth annual Nightmare on Franklin Street, which features 12 days of spooky movies and tours from October 20 through October 31. With cooler nights and scary films on offer, the series offers the perfect excuse to bike to the movies. You can lock up outside the historic movie palace at our hub at N Franklin St and E Twiggs. St. Tickets are $10 per movie screening with discounts for Tampa Theatre members.

Here are a few highlights from the line-up:

Thursday, October 5 –  Ghosts of Tampa Theatre Tour

Who was Fink Finley? Where does The Trickster pull his pranks? Why does the Lady in White still roam the mezzanine? And what has led to Tampa Theatre being known as one of the most haunted buildings in town? Learn the Theatre’s secrets and stories with a “balcony to backstage” tour that will focus on the historic movie palace’s ghostly guests.

Friday, October 20 – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Does The Rocky Horror Picture Show need any introduction? If you’re a “virgin”, as first-timers are known, this is a perfect opportunity to learn what you’ve been missing all these years. A shadow cast will provide a live pre-show at 10:00pm and audience participation throughout the film. Guests are encouraged to bring their own toilet paper, cards, newspapers and toast  – all easily stored in our bike baskets.

Saturday, October 21 – Ghosts Behind the Screen

Join Producer Gina Watson and director Brett Gerking for a Q&A and very special premiere of a new, feature-length documentary that explores the unique and historic Tampa Theatre like never before, and discovers the entities whom ghost hunters believe “choose to remain at the Tampa Theatre,” in the ultimate haunted backstage tour. This event is free.

Sunday, October 22 – An all-day scare fest

Start with the 1:30pm showing of The Fly, and stay for The Tingler, The Thing and The Host, shown at 4:00pm, 6:30pm and 9:30pm respectively.

Coast Bike Share bikes are available on both sides of the bay. Pay-as-you-go, or sign up for a $15 monthly membership, which comes with 60 minutes of ride time every day.