Bike share 101: Sign-up, holds and locking

Our street team loves seeing new faces and answering questions at events. With a few inquiries cropping up more than others, we thought we’d get back to basics and answer them right here. Have your own questions about bike share? Ask away on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll cover them in an upcoming post.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for a bike share account via the Coast website or download the app. Simply enter your information when prompted, select the best plan for you – casual pay-as-you-go, monthly or annual – and within a couple of minutes you’ll have your six-digit account number and four-digit pin.

Then what?

You can look at the system map on the Coast website or the app, which will show you where your nearest stations are and how many bikes are available at each. When you get to the station, press the green button on the back of any bike, enter your account number, four-digit pin, and you’re good to go. Slide the lock out, place it in the built-in lock holder, and get your pedal on.

Do I have to use all of my 60 minutes of ride time at once?

Nope. Bike to get coffee in the morning for 10 minutes, coast to the store later in the afternoon, and ride to meet friends for dinner in the evening. Your hourly or daily ride time is yours to use however and whenever you’d like, and the clock stops ticking every time you lock a bike up.

What happens if I want to make a stop before continuing my ride?

If something in a store window catches your eye while out riding or the lure of coffee becomes great, but you want your bike to be waiting for you outside, you can use the HOLD feature.

Lock your bike to any bike rack near your stop and press HOLD on the keypad. It will be unavailable to other users for the duration.

Where do I lock the bike?

You have options. Return your bike to any bike share station in town for free – hubs are densely populated and you’ll find them near most places you’re likely to go downtown. Simply check the app to find out where your nearest station is and lock it to the rack.

If there isn’t a station as close as you’d like, lock the bike to any bike rack. We’ll come and collect it for a small out-of-hub service fee ($3).

What happens if I ride out of the system area?

That’s fine. While our system area covers all of downtown, your bike will still work as usual elsewhere. Bring the bike back into the system area to end your ride or, if you want to leave it locked safely, we’ll come and collect it for an out-of-system fee ($25).