Bike share 101: Lights, seats and how bike owners use the system

We’re answering your questions in our Bike Share 101 series. Curious about something that hasn’t been mentioned here? Ask away on Twitter or Facebook.

What should I use bike share for?

With 600 bikes at 60+ stations across Tampa Bay, you can use bike share for one-way or return trips. People use Coast to commute to work, school, run errands, and travel to appointments or social gatherings. It’s a great way to connect to other modes of transportation, too – a bus station or car rental location, for example. Don’t have a destination in mind? There’s nothing better than meandering and exploring your city on two wheels.

I already own a bike. Why would I use bike share?

Bike share can still be useful for bike owners. It saves the trouble of carrying a lock (our GPS-enabled locks are built in), or having to find a place to lock up. You needn’t worry about parts being stolen, and it’ll save unnecessary wear and tear on your own bike. Not to mention, if you drive downtown and find a great parking spot, bike share can get you from A to B quickly and easily without having to move your car around.

Do the bikes fit everyone?

Coast bikes are built to suit pretty much everyone. The lever under the (rain-resistant and very comfortably padded) seat will allow height adjustment. The settings are numbered, which makes it easy for you to remember your preferred seat height every time you ride.

Do the bikes have lights?

Our bikes are equipped with lights, which turn on automatically during active rentals. One of the many reasons we call them “smart” bikes.

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