Bike Share 101: How To Ride

How to rent a bike

  • Approach the back of any bike and punch in your account number and pin. (You’ll find this information in the top corner of the Social Bicycles app, or in your confirmation email.)
  • Remove the yellow u-lock and place it in the two vertical cylinders on the back left of the bike to store it safely while you ride.
  • Your rental time begins when you remove the lock and ends once you return and lock the bike to a rack.

Put a bike on hold

  • If you’re running into Starbucks mid-ride and want the bike to be waiting for you outside, simply press the HOLD button on the keypad. This will make it unavailable for other users to rent.
  • Insert the u-lock, run your errand, enter your pin and holster the lock when you return, and you’re off riding again.
  • Using the HOLD feature counts against your ride time, so it’s mostly used for quick stops.

How to lock a bike

  • Remove the yellow u-lock from the holster and position it so the bike is secured to the rack before inserting into the designated holes on the side of the back panel of the bike.
  • Check the keypad to make sure the light indicates the bike is locked and give it a gentle tug to make sure it’s secure.
  • If the bike is not registering as locked and you have adjusted the u-lock multiple times, please contact customer service at 813-616-1212.