5 ways biking can save you money

Cycling can do more than leave you feeling refreshed, energized and dosed up on fresh air and sunshine, it can save you money.

You’ll use your car less

The average American spends around $2,600 on commuting every year, with gas being a major cost factor. Every mile driven in your car wears down your tires and brakes, too. Windshield wiper fluid, oil, replacement parts – it all adds up. The cost of your city’s bike share program? Just $79 per year. Less gas, fewer maintenance costs, happier wallet.

No parking fees

Parking in any city can be a pain. Daily downtown parking garage fees are around $5, with special event parking costing anything up to $20. Bike racks are always free, and we have 30 of them around the downtown area to make things even more convenient for you.

Free workout

The average gym memberships costs $50 every month, but if you’re riding every day, you don’t need one. Cycling is a great cardio workout. The average person weighing 154 pounds can burn around 250 calories an hour. Check out some other health benefits here.

You’ll take less sick days

No sick leave? Cyclists take one less sick day per year than non-cyclists. 

Lower healthcare costs

Our body simply works better when we are physically fit, which saves on healthcare. It’s estimated that just 30 minutes of biking per day can save around $544 per year in healthcare costs.

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