4 ways to make cycling a part of your daily life

You know you’re going to shower pretty much daily, right? You’re going to brush your teeth; forage for food; check your emails – these things are so ingrained in your routine, you barely think about them.

When it comes to forming new habits, research tells us that regularity and continuity are key. Schedule a specific activity every day, studies say, and it’ll quickly become just another thing you do. Like brewing a pot of coffee first thing in the morning, or your daily newsfeed scroll.

If you’re taking part in the Florida Bike Month #CoastChallenge this month, and looking for ideas on how to up your trip count, here are four ways you can make cycling a part of your daily life.


Whether you bike from home to work, or park the car and use Coast as a last mile connector to the office, you’re already making the journey so why not use the time to get moving? A nationwide analysis of towns and cities where people bike to work showed that cycling commuters are richer, fitter and happier. It’s proven to reduce anxiety and stress, too.

Run errands

Coasting to pick up groceries or run errands around the neighborhood is not only a great way to integrate exercise into your day, it provides a powerful boost for the local economy. People who bike spend more locally than people who drive. And trying to hunt down a parking space at every stop? Forget about it.


With so much happening downtown, it’s rare that an outing is confined to one place. Coffee, beer, food, movies, meetings, markets – whatever you’re doing, bike stations are conveniently located all over town. Eat, drink, socialize, and get your exercise in at the same time. It’s so easy it almost feels like cheating.

Just ride

Bike share is available 24/7. Found yourself with a spare hour? Grab a bike and explore. We’ll take adventuring in the sunshine and discovering new places over a stationary bike at the gym – every time.

Participating in the Florida Bike Month #CoastChallenge? Don’t forget to share a picture of your Coast rides to have trips added to your final count. Tag us @Coast Bikes on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #CoastChallenge. The five members with the most trips in March will win prizes.

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